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@Home German communicator -

@Home German communicator -

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United Kingdom
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CG2 Footlocker - @ Home Customer service Advisor - German


Job Title – Home Based Customer Services Communicator

Language – German

Hours – 18 to 40 hours per week




  • Job description:


    Footlocker is a Global American company trading in Sportswear but mainly trainers or ‘sneakers’.


    We are the European branch of the business and provide customer support through phone, by email and recently also via chat. We provide customer support to the following countries: France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands and the UK. We also support Australia and have a dedicated night shift team.


    We support the Footlocker stores with their sneaker finder system and store complaints.

    The support we provide is purely customer service based on orders placed with us and any problems with the order the customers may have. We are not experts on the products; the customer would be directed to the store for any technical questions.


    The lines are open from 08:00-20:00 Monday-Fridays and 08:30-17:00 Saturday and Sunday.


    We operate a shift pattern with two early shifts (08:00-16:30 and 08:30-17:00) and two late shifts 09:30-18:00 and 11:30-20:00. On the weekends it is 08:30-17:00.


    On average could work a weekend shift every four weeks if no one on holiday or sick but it can be more.



    Job requirements:

    • To respond to all customers enquires within given timescales, efficiently and effectively.
    • To develop and maintain a full knowledge of client products and services.
    • To be able to recognise when a problem or query should be transferred to another department or a more senior member of staff.
    • To deal with all correspondence as requested/required.
    • Logging of all calls accurately and in line with procedure.
    • Responsible for maintaining and updating all administration.
    • To consult product manuals, to be able to advise customer of appropriate options / solutions.
    • To meet minimum monitoring criteria
    • To meet and exceed daily/weekly targets


     Skills required:


    • Fluent in German and English.
    • Experience in Customer Service.
    • Good organisational skills.
    • A minimum of 20 wpm on a keyboard.
    • A working knowledge of MS Word / Excel
    • Excellent communication skills and the ability to remain calm in all situations.
    • Ability to work on own initiative and under pressure in order to achieve deadlines.
    • Be a fast learner, be comfortable with and have an excellent grasp of internet technology and the ability to get up to speed quickly with multiple systems
    • Be responsible, adaptable, and confident, as well as have the ability and a strong motivation to work from home



    Homeworking Requirements:


    You will receive excellent support in the role from a dedicated team manager however as you will be working from home, PC literacy, a high degree of flexibility in your schedule, strong organisation skills, independence and self-reliance are essential.


    You will also need:


    • A dedicated home office space which is separate, quiet and free from background noise
    • A monitor with a resolution between 1280 x 1024 pixels and 1920 x 1200 pixels and a cable for HP Display port or HDMI
    • An internet router with a free network connection for our computer (the computer will be provided to you free of charge and will be for work use only)
    • A broadband connection (DSL, VDSL or cable connection, no Internet radio or satellite) with a Downstream of at least 16 Mbit/s and Upstream of at least 1 Mbit/s
    • An active landline with no Call Barring or Call waiting activated and a free port (RJ11) for a work phone (the phone will be provided to you free of charge and will be for work use only).
    • Comfortable and ergonomically sound furniture